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What Does a Background Check on Criminals Tell You?

You have probably heard people talk about criminal background checks in the past, but do you really know what they are all about? It is often something that you see on television, or hear about fleetingly, but many people do not know the specifics of what a criminal record is or what a background check on criminals will reveal. You might think that criminal background checks are something that you would only order if you were working for the government or something similar, but these days more and more regular people are choosing to order criminal background checks on various people in order to protect themselves against people who are dishonest.

Background Check on Criminals – The Basics

A criminal background check is something that a person would order if they wanted to check out the past of a person that they know. This could be for personal or business reasons. A background check is a file that is held by the government that lists all of the criminal convictions that a person has had. There is a distinction here between a criminal conviction and other matters of the law. If, for example, someone had been arrested over a crime but not charged, that will not go on their criminal record. If they had been charged over the crime but found innocent in a court, or had a mistrial, that would also not go on their criminal record. They either have to have plead guilty or been found so by the court in order for there to be a conviction that will show up on their record. However, as long as there has been a conviction, it does not matter what the crime was – whether it was serious or something petty – it will be listed on the criminal record and show up in a background check on criminals.

Background Check on Criminals – How to Get One

Ordering a background check on criminals is fairly easy. There are several avenues that you can take, but ordering one online is generally the fastest way to do it. You might find some websites that offer criminal background checks for free – these are something that you should think twice about. Free services might sound good on the surface, but what you might get is a false result or some other wrong information that could lead you down the wrong track. It is much better to stick with more reputable services that are paid. These paid services will, for a small fee, track down any criminal record for you and deliver you the result. They might come back to you and tell you that no criminal record exists for the person who’s name you gave them, which is generally the ideal situation, as this means that there has been no criminal conviction recorded against them. Or, they might come back to you with a full criminal record listing convictions against the person. Either way, for peace of mind, it is better to use a reputable service rather than worrying about the costs and trying to get a background check for free.

Background Check on Criminals – What to Do With Them

The most common use of criminal background checks is for employment purposes. If you are an employer who is considering hiring someone to work in your company, then you probably want to know as much as possible about this person before you entrust them to work for you. A background check for criminals can help you to do this. Especially if the job you are hiring for is sensitive in nature, such as for someone who will be handling private documents or large amounts of cash, then you will want to ensure that they do not have a shady past. If the job is working with children, then normally it will be compulsory for you to carry out a criminal background check in order to protect the children.

Background Check on Criminals – What NOT to Do With Them

It is your right as a citizen to see any criminal record that is held by the government – these are public documents. Therefore, you can order a criminal record of a friend or partner if you choose. This is fine in many situations, and it can not hurt to be careful when it comes to letting someone into your life. You might be in a position in which you have small children or have just come into a large sum of money, and you want to ensure that any new people in your life are who they say they are. However, it is not a good idea to go overboard with a criminal background check. Just because someone has a small conviction against them, doesn’t mean they are a bad person, so make sure that you are reasonable about what you find.