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Background Verification – What You Need to Know

Being an employer is a special kind of responsibility. You are not only in charge of your own work, and ensuring that your company is doing well, but you are also responsible for your employees. You might have an office that is small and only employs a handful of people, or you might be the head of a multi-national corporation. Either way, your staff are the lifeblood of your company and you need to ensure that they are all happy and working well. If your staff are unhappy then they are less productive and your company will suffer. Many employers do not realize this, and choose to treat their staff badly or to expect too much from them. Smart employers know that happy staff make for a productive workplace! So, knowing how important it is to keep your staff happy, you will need to pay attention to the dynamics of your workplace.

Background Verification – The Basics

When you are hiring a new employee for your workplace, then you need to consider these workplace dynamics. Not only do you want someone who is going to do a good job, but you also want to find someone who will fit in well with the rest of your staff. So, how do you go about ensuring that you get both traits in your potential new employee? When you are going through the hiring process, you need to be extremely vigilant. After the advertising step is where you will need to be alert. The problem with the interview process is that applicants are always on their best behavior – the image that they present to you is sometimes not what they are really like. They are trying to outshine the other applicants and get the job, after all! Asking them hard-hitting questions is good, and will give you a better idea of what they are like under pressure. However it is after the interview that you can start the process of background verification.

Background Verification – Where to Start

When you have a short list of the people who you think will be good in the job, then carrying out background verification will help you to work out who will be the best. The first thing to do is to go through their resume with a fine toothed comb. Look at their education section – have they listed degrees or other qualifications? If so, then ask to see the original certification documents, or contact the institution directly to find out if they were indeed a student there. Then, look at their references. You should call the reference directly, but also you should take steps to find out if they are who they say they are. Do they really work at the company listed, and were they really in the position that they applicant has said they did? A glowing reference is not worth anything if it is not from a legitimate person. One thing that you will want to spend a bit of time on is checking out the applicant’s employment history. Call each of the companies that they have listed on their resume – did they really work there? Did they work there for the dates listed, or have the stretched them? Was their job title and responsibilities really the same as on their resume? This is important, as their experience is one of their main selling points.

Background Verification – Criminal Checks

Checking for a criminal record is another thing that you might want to do in your background verification. This is not always necessary per se, but it can give you extra peace of mind. A criminal background check is especially useful for certain positions. For example, if you have a job going in which an employee will be dealing with large amounts of cash, or if they will be looking at sensitive information to do with customers, then you will want to be certain that they are completely above board. Any history of fraud or embezzlement is something that you will want to know about if you have this sort of job that is vacant. If you are hiring someone for a position that will involve working with children, that normally involves a complete criminal and background check to ensure the safety of the children.

Background Verification – Other Checks

There are other checks that you can carry out too. If you are hiring someone to be a truck driver or a courier driver, then it is a good idea to check out their driving record. If they have a history of speeding, DUI, or other unsafe driving, then that is something that it will help to consider before you hire them. All of these checks are not designed to make you suspicious of everyone who walks through your door! It simply means that you are taking steps to protect the security of your company and the staff under your care.