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Why Are Criminal Background Checks Necessary?

People who work in child care and elderly care situations are required to have criminal background checks prior to employment. Why is this necessary?

A criminal background check helps protect the employer - whether it is a daycare, hospital or nursing home - protect itself. When employees pass a free online people background search, it helps prove they are trustworthy and upstanding citizens. It also gives the employer an opportunity to know that the new hire has never been charged with any kind of battery or sexual assault, two very serious charges that any employer wants to stay away from.

It is important to know the people taking care of our children, ailing family members or aging parents are good people. In many instances, people who are abusive - either physically or sexually - look for easy targets on which to prey. Children who are easily intimidated or too small to effectively communicate and aging adults who are also easily intimidated or ineffective communicators are generally easy targets. Requiring a criminal background check is a good method of protecting these segments of our population.

However, a criminal background check is not a cure all for the problem. Some abusive people simply have never been reported or caught. That is why careful monitoring of employees is vital. If you have a loved one in a daycare or nursing home situation, pop in unannounced occasionally. See how the caregivers are interacting with your loved one. Do you hear some yelling? Did you witness a care giver manhandling your loved one? If so, be on alert. Pop in more frequently and take up any concerns with the facility administrator.

Also, pay attention to your loved one. If a child gets upset before being dropped off at daycare or cries at the mention of his or her teacher's name. Start checking into what could be causing the apprehension. By the same token, if your parent lives in a nursing home and is frequently bruised, skipping meals or seems to be having a lot of accidents, start checking out the situation. Perhaps even request your own criminal background check about the individual about which you have your suspicions. Remember, a criminal background check will only tell what the person has been charged with in the past; it will not tell you if the person you are suspicious of is a good guy or gal in general. A criminal background check is purely a place to start.