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Suspicious of That New Employee? Try A Background Verification

Are you an employer looking to fill a vacant position in your company? Even with the current economic situation there are many jobs out there that need to be filled. As an employer, finding the right staff is often one of the hardest parts of the job. The advertising and interview process can be long and painstaking and it can take weeks, or even months, to find the right candidate. Many people find the process so hard that they outsource the work to recruitment companies, and simply receive a short list of around 5 candidates to interview. Even then, the process is something that most people would rather not go through! The reason why recruiting is so hard is that it is important to not only find someone who has the right skills, but to find someone that fits in with the company. You do not want to hire someone who will not get along with your other staff, or who you yourself will have a personality clash with. And you definitely do not want to hire someone aggressive or abusive or who will otherwise bring your company into disrepute. If you are down to a shortlist of candidates and you are wondering who the right person to hire is, then a background verification can help you.

Background Verification – Why it is So Useful

If you are hiring, then you want to get as much information as possible about the candidates. The problem with resumes and interviews is that the candidate is trying to sell themselves, so they are on their best behavior and will likely omit any negative information if they can help it. As the interviewer or recruiter, it is your job to try to find this information out for yourself. This is why the idea of background verification has become increasingly popular in recent years. Background verification is about more than just doing a couple of reference checks – it is verifying all of the information that a candidate has told you, and finding out any facts that they have left out. Finding out this sort of information will help you to make a much better decision about who to hire, and will hopefully help you to avoid bad situations within your workplace.

Background Verification – Checking Employment History

One of the most common things that is found in a background verification is that the applicant has lied about their employment history on their resume. They might have stretched the dates that they worked for a particular company, they might have claimed that they were in a managerial capacity when they were not, or they might never have actually worked for the company in the first place. As an employer, of course you will need to know if this is the case! Apart from the dishonesty that the candidate has shown, the other problem is that they might cause a lot of damage to your company if they are not really experienced in the job that you hire them to do. Also under this banner comes checking references. It is not enough to just call the referee – you also need to check that the referee is who they claim to be.

Background Verification – Criminal Background Checks

Checking for a criminal history is another way to ascertain whether a candidate is being honest and upfront with you about their past. Checking inmate records might turn up a conviction for the applicant – and it might be something serious. Checking inmate records is not something that employers tend to do often, although it is a practice that is becoming more popular. While it has been standard practice for government jobs or for working with children for some time, there are many jobs in which checking for a criminal background could be useful. For example, will the new employee be responsible for overseeing sensitive information about your company or clients? Will they be taking care of the financials, or dealing with large amounts of cash? If so, then a criminal background check could give you some vital information that could tell you whether the person is fit to take on this sort of role within your company.

Background Verification – Specialized Checks

There are some checks that you will want to do if you are in a specific industry or if you are hiring for a job in which particular skills and attributes are required. For example, if you are hiring a courier driver for your company, then it would be a good idea to check the person’s driving history – have they been booked for speeding or DUI, have they had their license suspended or been in a lot of accidents? This is very useful information for you! If the job will involve working with children, then normally you will carry out an extensive background check to see if there are any instances of child abuse, violent crimes and so on, so that you can protect the children that are in your care.