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What You Need to Know About Your Own Criminal History

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If you have, you will probably be aware of how much of an impact this can make on your life. Your conviction will have opened up a criminal record for you, and this can hamper you in a lot of different areas of your life. You may not have done anything bad, or you may actually be completely innocent – but this often does not matter if you have a criminal history. There are certain parts of your life that will not be affected, and there are some doors that will be permanently closed to you – it is not likely that there will be no repercussions at all. If you have a criminal history and you are unsure as to exactly how it will affect you, this article will give you some useful information.

Criminal History – The Basics

When you are convicted of a crime, this is recorded on a file held by the government that lists any criminal history you have. If you have never been convicted of a crime, then you will not have a file at all. It is possible to have run ins with the law and not have a criminal record. For example, if you are investigated for a crime but not charged, that will not go on your criminal record. If you are tried for a crime and found innocent, that will also not go on your criminal record. In order for things to stay fair and democratic, only crimes that you have been convicted of will end up on your criminal record, that way you can not be discriminated against for a crime that you were found innocent of.

Criminal History – How to Check Your Criminal Record

If you would like to see your criminal record to see what it contains, then you can order a copy for yourself. There are services online where you can order your criminal record for a small fee. You pay these services and they take care of finding your criminal record and delivering it to you. You will be able to see any criminal conviction that you have listed there on your criminal record. There are some services that claim to offer free criminal records, but these are not always reliable. Free criminal records services are not always a scam, however they do not always have the right information. There might be things missing, or they might get records mixed up – either way it is better to stick with a paid service so that you know you are getting the correct information. A quick Google search should show up a few different companies that offer this service.

Criminal History – How Will it Affect You?

Having a criminal history is not the end of the world. While it is true that many people who spend time in jail have trouble adjusting to society again after they are released, it is possible to move past the experience and become a regular citizen again. The first thing that you will need to do is to find employment. This might seem like it will be the hardest thing to do, but there are jobs out there that you can get. Most people will not know that you have a criminal history, and many do not do criminal records checks, so it is all a matter of your experience and how confident you are in the interview. However, there are some jobs which might be off limits to you, depending on the nature of your crime. There are jobs in which the employers will automatically check for a criminal record, such as jobs working with children or executive positions in which the employee will be responsible for the well-being of the entire company. These sorts of jobs might be beyond your reach if you have a serious crime on your record.

Criminal History – Moving On

The most important thing when you have a criminal history is to focus on moving forward. Yes, some avenues might be closed to you, but you can still make a good life for yourself as long as you are committed to being a law-abiding citizen. It might take a while to move past something like this, but those people with real determination are much more likely to be successful. It is all a matter of perspective and confidence and a real desire to do well in life. The first thing to do is to try to get an honest job and go from there – it is only after you have rejoined the workforce that you are likely to be able to move onwards and upwards.